After growing-up in Little Stonham and attending schools in Stowmarket, Rebekkah announced at eighteen that she wanted to run a pub – and was promptly packed off to university by her parents to gain a degree "to fall back on". Although grateful, thankfully it has never been needed and Rebekkah went on to run other people’s bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs for the next fourteen years. Mainly living and working in London, Rebekkah was one of the many and collaborative brains behind The Lock Tavern (Camden), The Temperance (Mayfair), Canteen (Southbank Centre), the Student Union bars at London’s University of the Arts, The Landsdowne Social Club (Reading) and Sixty Million Postcards (Bournemouth).

In London Rebekkah met Rino and love blossomed in the east end.

Rino is London born and bred but has harboured a desire to open a restaurant in Suffolk for many years due to the abundance of quality produce that he has been buying from the area and using in restaurants in London over the last fifteen years. Rino is a talented and experienced chef and has led the kitchen at such renowned London eateries as The Chiswick (Chiswick), The Bollo house (Chiswick), Canteen (Southbank Centre), The Horseshoe (Hampstead) and The Avenue (London’s West End).

A shared love of food, produce, the hospitality industry and an age-beckoning end to childless party days encouraged Rino and Rebekkah to seek a life outside London and return home to Rebekkah’s Suffolk roots to open a pub and restaurant of their own and build a life for their family. Rattlesden – the kind of picture perfect, socially active and vibrant local village that you can hardly believe exists any more – and a beautiful sixteenth century pub in the middle of glorious Suffolk countryside are now home to just that. Please come and visit…